Saturday, 28 January 2012

Setting the Trend

Ten days since my last blog! Don't think me idle, I was up to other things such as writing (I was not lazing about), I even went on a ten mile cycle ride up in the country-over all those hills! But here are a few works I managed to do during my breaks from typing.

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Wednesday, 18 January 2012


These are just a few little things I was working on today :)

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Tuesday, 17 January 2012

Queen of the Pack

I have really cheesy titles for my work I know...but I just can't help myself. Okay so here's what i've been working on today, a couple of playing cards. So far I've done the Queen of Hearts and the Queen of Diamonds and am currently working on two Aces and another Queen. It's just a fun project for me to kick back and relax between writing and dress making. I liked the so much that I made them into stickers and m going to do up a little sticker pack collection once i've finished the sets off. Hope you like them!

And here's another one I've just finished: The Queen of Spades

All imagery copyrighted to Gemma West

Thursday, 12 January 2012

The Paper Dress

So I had a load of brown paper kept from Amazon packages, thinking that it would come in handy with my art work at some point. As time went and the pile became a mini mountain, I decided that I would try and make a dress out of it. I had bought a dress makers mannequin nearly a year ago and hadn't done anything with it, so i thought i'd give it a bash. I had to do something with all that paper!
I really enjoyed the process and have learnt from a few errors that I made (like the dress needs to come off the mannequin when it's completed, and had to be cut off. Also that I should probably measure my model not guesstimate). I liked the final out come and was feeling adventurous to make a hat to come along with dress. I can't wait to finish making my Candy dress made from sweet wrappers left over from Christmas. Fun!

Imagery copyrighted to Gemma West

Fade Through

This was just a little experiment messing around with colour in Photoshop to see what else I could do with my illustrations.

Imagery Copyrighted to Gemma West

Together... Forever

I received a comment saying that the imagery I uploaded last was 'dark and beautiful' so I wanted to play around with that more. So staying with the idea of 'Valentine' i decided to illustrate how love can be a little disturbing sometimes, at how something beautiful can start to turn into obsession. This was originally going to be just one image but i'm going to turn it into a little sequence of how things can escalate and go wrong.

Imagery Copyrighted to Gemma West

Wednesday, 11 January 2012

Joker and a Valentine

Okay, it's been a while since I last posted...Whoa that long! But I haven't been idle in my absence. I have an exciting shoot coming up with a dress that I made myself, completely from paper. I've also started work on another dress made entirely from Candy wrappers left over from Christmas, what else was I going to do with them? I've also been working on a little memento box for my friend and I can't wait to send it off to her so I can finally upload the images to my blog. As well as doing all this I've found time to work on some illustrations I outlined before Christmas and these are the results. Let me know what you think.

The first image is called 'Valentine' which is a drawing from a shoot I did with my sister a couple of weeks ago. It was a 50's style shoot inspired by the 50's dress I had in the back of my wardrobe that I forgot about, we played around with different poses and props and I thought that one of the photos would make an excellent Valentines day image.

The next Image is from the same 50's shoot, I loved the laughter in the photo. We had such fun doing the poses and there was a lot of joking and messing around that I decided to combine our fun on the shoot and came up with the Joker. And i'm thinking of going further and doing some more/maybe all the playing cards.

And the last image is a rough idea of the paper dress I made which I will photograph soon, and will be up on my blog at the end of the week.

All imagery copyrighted to Gemma West